Apple fired an iPhone X engineer after his daughter’s video went viral


  • A YouTube vlogger named Brooke Amelia Peterson got her palms on a manufacturer-new iPhone X ultimate week.
  • She acquired the telephone without delay from her father, an Apple engineer.
  • Apple has considering fired the engineer, and the video became taken down.


The engineer who let his daughter show off an iPhone X on YouTube has been fired by Apple.

ultimate week, a YouTube vlogger named Brooke Amelia Peterson posted a video displaying off her dad’s new iPhone X. The video, shot from within Apple’s cafeteria, showcased a few facets of the brand new phone.

The video blew up, landing on YouTube’s list of excellent trending videos. It was consequently eliminated.

In a new video posted this weekend, Peterson explains that the video turned into eliminated at the request of Apple and that her father — an engineer named Ken Bauer — turned into fired.

“Apple let him go,” Peterson says in the video. “at the conclusion of the day when you work for Apple, it would not count how decent of a person you are. in case you destroy a rule, they simply haven’t any tolerance.”

though Apple’s new iPhone X is already attainable to preorder and should be launched Friday — and Apple had held an experience where contributors of the media could use it to shoot video and take photographs — the video from Peterson turned into a rare, candid look into an unreleased Apple gadget from inside Apple’s own personnel.

Bauer was viewed within the video the usage of Apple Pay on the iPhone X. He handed the phone to his daughter, and she or he walked through quite a lot of points.

it be absolutely feasible that the mobile phone in the video becomes a preproduction unit. despite the fact that it wasn’t, Apple assuredly doesn’t want its body of workers casually showing off unreleased items in unauthorized YouTube videos.

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