OviStand Lightweight Folding Laptop Stand (video)

Ovilli has created a new featherweight folding laptop stand which has been created to provide a more ergonomic working environment for those longer laptop sessions but also be easily transported to wherever you may use your laptop.

When folded the OviStand laptop stand measures just 2 mm in thickness and can fit in any bag or sleeve with ease. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about its design and features.

The OviStand is easily stored under your laptop when folded. With only 2 mm thickness it fits in any bag or sleeve. We found a unique material that is also applied in high-end German cars. This material is ultra light with a top layer of brushed aircraft grade aluminium while the strength is equal to solid aluminium of the same thickness. It is protected by a durable transparent polyurethane coating.

The hinges of the OviStand are designed in such a way that their inner tension forces the standard into its shape. This guarantees that the standard, once unfolded, stays locked and can be safely lifted together with your laptop of tablet.

After using the OviStand for a while we noticed that the protective iPad smart cover was left unused and that our iPad was always parked on its stand. With the perfect reading angle and high stability the iPad was used more often in the kitchen for recipes and in the living room to read emails and news. And the best feature is that the iPad design is not compromised at all!

For more information on the new OviStand jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below. where it is now available to back from just €14 with shipping expected to take place during June 2017.

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